Nicht nur paradiesische Strände warten darauf, auf Sansibar entdeckt zu werden.

Paradise beaches are not the only thing waiting to be discovered on Zanzibar.

Spices produced under fair conditions

The spice of life for the Zanzibaris is cohesion. In the kitchen, on the other hand, they like to draw on a variety of flavors. Zanzibar is not known as the spice island for a reason. Pretty much everything thrives in the green countryside of this paradisiacal island - from pepper to cinnamon to cloves.



"They use all kinds of spices in their cooking and that's what makes the food so exciting on Zanzibar. I had pilau rice for the first time on Pemba - incredibly delicious!" enthuses Rahel Wäfler (30) from Switzerland, Head of Retail at "1001 Organic". As Zanzibar was an important stopover for trading ships for centuries, it is a melting pot of cultures. The island also has numerous oriental influences, which can be seen on the plate.

Wäfler has been living in Stone Town, the old town of Zanzibar, the capital of the archipelago, for around three months. Born in Bern, she decided to emigrate virtually overnight. "I was in Taiwan when I was called and asked if I was interested in a job in Zanzibar. It was clear to me at that moment: this is the right thing to do! I then hurried to Switzerland for ten days to organize everything and pack my things," recalls Wäfler.

The 30-year-old had recently quit her job in aviation and traveled through Asia. "I had been doing the same thing for so many years and just wanted to see something new - and then I turned 30, the perfect time for me to change my life." A mutual acquaintance put her in touch with Raphel Flury. The young Swiss man has been living in Tanzania since 2017 and has been revolutionizing the traditional spice trade ever since. With his company 1001 Organic, he is pursuing the goal of promoting the direct sale of fresh organic spices to Europe. "Here in Africa, we were able to ensure that our spices are certified according to European standards and delivered directly to Swiss doorsteps," says Wäfler.

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