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About Zanzibar, Tanzania 

We do not offer spice tours in Zanzibar at the moment. However, our team in Zanzibar is in the midst of planning to be able to offer a 1001 Organic Spice Experience in the near future. You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter so that you don't miss out on the date when you can book our Signature Tour.

We have two stores in Stown Town and one store in Nungwi. Our retail spices are also available in various boutique stores and supermarkets.

Hurumzi, Stonetown

Gizenga, Stowntown


We are cooperating currently with 512 small scale farmers in Zanzibar.

Our Cooperations with small scale farmers developed continuously, from a total of 20 farmers in 2017 512 in 2024.

You can find more information here 

We do not operate commercial farms and our partner farmers work mainly with agroforestry systems in the wild spice forests of Unguja, Pemba and Usambara. With our 1001 Organic Signature Spice Tour we will offer an authentic insight behind the scenes of the real spice farmers.

Social aspect

1001 Organic is committed to improving the livelihoods of small scale farmers in Tanzania by working directly with them and offering them fair prices. As with commercialization, we also work without agents and middlemen in our sourcing. In addition, our procurement concept includes pre-financing the harvest, predefined fixed prices, purchase guarantees and the assumption of the costs of organic certification. Our initiative offers free further training and investments in the infrastructure of our partner farmers. This increases productivity and ensures the quality of our products.

By offering small scale farmers a sustainable income and protecting biodiversity, we are gradually improving the livelihoods of the farming communities. Through our investments in training and infrastructure, we support the development of the communities. Direct sales without intermediaries give farmers direct access to attractive markets, which in return strengthens the local economy.

We use sustainable and regenerative cultivation methods and certified organic farming. In addition, around 65% of our forests are protected as part of the agroforestry systems in order to preserve Zanzibar's biodiversity.

We encourage our employees and help them develop new skills through various training and development measures. Fair payment and appropriate social benefits for our team are very important to us. In cases of great urgency, the company provides support on a voluntary basis as far as possible. Our company is audited annually by external social auditors.

In the context of our model, we achieve an exponential social impact at community level. To find out more about our social impact, we recommend reading our latest CSR report.

About our spices

By growing our spices organically and testing them in the laboratory, we ensure that they are free from chemicals and pesticides. We carry out strict quality controls throughout the production process to ensure that our spices meet the highest standards. Direct distribution without intermediaries allows us to transport fresh and high quality spices directly from our small scale farmers to your kitchen.

Yes, our spices are gluten-free.

Yes, our spices are lactose free.

We work with freshly harvested, dried spices which are produced and transported quarterly.

Our spices stand out not only for their freshness and full flavor, but also for the social impact we achieve through our direct trade. We are one of the few spice brands with headquarters and +95% of employees at the origin, where the pepper grows.

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All about the order 

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All about payment

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We are a small team and try to be as lean as possible, especially in Europe, so that we can increase our impact in Zanzibar. This also applies to our accounting. Everything is fully automated through the store, which is why we are currently unable to offer payment by invoice

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