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1001 Organic gift sets: Sustainable joy for your team or your customers!

A gift from which not only the recipient will benefit. With a gift set from 1001 Organic you can actively contribute to a better world. Through fair business conditions and access to attractive niche markets, our smallholder farmers and their families can benefit from a higher standard of living. 1001 Organic invests in training and infrastructure for the smallholder farmers and supports the cooperatives in professionalization and conversion to certified organic production.

Whether it's graduation, birthdays or a simple thank you. You can't go wrong with the 1001 Organic gift sets. Individually tailored to your needs, you not only give away joy and quality, but also leave a lasting impression.



Satisfied staff and business partners are the backbone of a thriving company – that’s why our gift sets are more than a gesture; they are an investment in the commitment and satisfaction of your team and business partners.

Every company is unique, and therefore gifts should also be individual. 1001 Organic offers the possibility of putting together gift sets according to individual wishes and requirements. We work closely with various social workshops to implement this. Whether it's putting your logo on the outer packaging or on the spice jar - no problem - we are here to make your ideas come true.



Why are 1001 Organic gift sets the ideal choice?

By choosing a gift set from 1001 Organic, you are not only giving joy, but also a touch of Zanzibar's exotic forests. And the best part? You spice with a clear conscience, because you are not only supporting your company by making your employees or customers happy, but also our mission to promote Tanzanian small holder farmers, as well as fair trade and sustainable practices in the spice industry.

Finding an appealing gift for every taste can be a daunting task. Our versatile product line offers a wide range - from all-rounders such as curry or black pepper to exotic flavors such as our African superfood baobab and hibiscus. You don't have to be a star chef to find the right product in our range.


Elena Borelli, Head of Administration, Inlo AG
"The 1001 Organic gift sets that we distributed to our customers and employees last year were a complete success. The spice tubes with our logo remain in everyone's kitchen and remind them of our company. The high-quality spices were very much appreciated and 1001 Organic's sustainable commitment completely convinced us as a company. We look forward to further cooperation."


Martin Hotz, Managing Director, Fuhrer & Hotz
"We are thrilled with the 1001 Organic gift sets! They are a perfect gift for customers and friends, and not just because of the great project on site in Zanzibar and the support of small farmers. The beautiful, colorful packaging is a real eye-catcher, and the spices are incredibly fresh and smell simply fantastic. We can only warmly recommend these sets!"

Your satisfaction is our top priority. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any special requests. We want to make sure that your personalized gift meets your expectations.


Make this year a special year for your employees and customers by giving them a gift set from 1001 Organic.




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