Bird's Eye Chili

The bird's eye chili is small but is quite hot. It measures up to 100,000 Scoville units. Use wisely for any savory dishes.

All chili contains capsaicin which is considered highly anti-inflammatory. In addition, it contains several vitamins such as C, B6, A, and Iron.

Jadi Othman is one of the oldest farmers that grow a large variaty of spices on his farm. He is living in Daya village.

The bird's eye chili shrub is a perennial crop with small, tapering fruits, often two or three at a node.

The chillies are handpicked when ripe. After the sorting process, the chillies are carefully dried under the sun before the last stems are removed on the sorting table. Our farmers are mainly on the mainland of Tanzania in the region of Kigoma.

Quantity per pack: 30g

Price per 100g: 26.33

1001 Organic invests in the necessary infrastructure as well as in the farming communities and supports them in professionalizing and converting to certified organic agriculture. Through regular training and payments that are multiple time the commodity price our farmers and their families can benefit from a higher standard of living.